Parish Register

Recent events included in the Parish Register are shown below:

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Fewston Marriage 19th May 2018 Kara Latham & Jamie Saunders
Fewston Baptism 25th March 2018 Cooper Riley
Fewston Baptism 21st January 2018 Archie James Parkes
Fewston Funeral 16th January 2018 Jean Hollings
Fewston Funeral 13th February 2017 Amelia Wilson
Fewston Funeral 29th November 2016 David Eggleston
Fewston Funeral 14th October 2016 Terry Bond
Fewston Baptism 14th August 2016 Maisy Louise Banner
Fewston Marriage 16th July 2016 Benjamin Campbell & Sophie Hodgson
Fewston Marriage 7th May 2016 Stephanie Bradley & David Rolph
Fewston Funeral 8th April 2016 Gordon Brown
Fewston Baptism 20th December 2015 Oliver Walton
Fewston Marriage November 7th 2015 Daniel Christopher Riley & Sophie Elizabeth Hall
Fewston Baptism October 18th 2015 Ralph Parkes              Thomas Riley
Fewston Marriage July 24th 2015 Andrew Geoffrey Dibb & Joanne Elizabeth Wade
Fewston Funeral March 26th 2015 John Wilson
Fewston Baptism September 21st 2014 Isla Grace Webb
Fewston Marriage September 6th 2014 Ashley Ainsley Colin Banner & Nichola Jane Ashby
Fewston Marriage June 28th 2014 Mike Palmer & Allison Griffiths
Fewston Marriage June 21st 2014 Graham Wood & Helen Bartle
Fewston Funeral February 7th 2014 Elsie Newall
Fewston Baptism July 14th 2013 Hughie Will Livesley
Fewston Baptism June 9th 2013 Harrison Mark James Seager
Fewston Baptism June 2nd 2013 Mark Seager
Fewston Marriage June 1st 2013 Sophie Marie Knox & Alastair James Dewar
Fewston Funeral May 21st 2013 Geoff Bond
Fewston Marriage November 24th 2012 Polly Hall & Andrew Lofthouse
Fewston Marriage November 3rd 2012 Peter Christopher Green & Helen Jayne Beckett
Fewston Marriage October 27th 2012 Alexander Thomas Walker & Joanne Louise Blake
Fewston Marriage September 14th 2012 Sophie Nicole Lawson & Thomas Charles Wright
Fewston Funeral August 29th 2012 Margaret Beecroft
Fewston Marriage July 21st 2012 Hayley Rachelle Johnson & Ashley Haydn Brown
Fewston Baptism July 21st 2012 Annabelle Kate Vincent & Oliver George Vincent
Fewston Marriage July 21st 2012 Lucy Jane Hodgson & Stuart James Vincent
Fewston Baptism July 1st 2012 Isabel Lydia Madeleine Woodward
Fewston Marriage June 16th 2012 Margaret Ann de Petro & Michael Dean Roberts
Blubberhouses Funeral May 23rd 2012 Enid Ellison
Fewston Marriage April 21st 2012 Claire Louise Warburton & Andrew James Merkin
Fewston Baptism March 4th 2012 Leaf & Rose Lofthouse
Fewston Funeral December 7th 2011 Kenneth Ronald Lancaster
Fewston Funeral December 2nd 2011 Gerald Harrison
Fewston Baptism October 16th 2011 James Alexander Noble, Harry Frank Wade
Fewston Marriage September 2nd 2011 Sarah Smith & Sean Kelly
Fewston Funeral August 23rd 2011 Roland Coates
Blubberhouses Baptism July 10th 2011 Amelia Daisy Livesley
Fewston Funeral May 23rd 2011 John Robinson
Fewston Baptism March 13th 2011 Eva May Payne
Fewston Baptism March 6th 2011 Samantha Louise Emily Dodd
Fewston Baptism January 2nd 2011 Bruce Anthony Ravenhill Brown
Fewston Funeral December 2nd 2010 Elsie Livesey
Fewston Marriage September 4th 2010 Anna-Maria Grace Castles Wood & Thomas John Ream Welch
Fewston Funeral August 31st 2010 James Andrew Noble
Fewston Marriage July 31st 2010 Laura Kate Laycock & Daniel Robert Livesley
Fewston Marriage June 26th 2010 Kelly Rebecca Nevett & Christopher John Brown
Fewston Marriage June 5th 2010 Sally Noble & Shane Webb
Fewston Marriage April 10th 2010 Nicola Elaine Stead & Sebastian Charles Burnside
Fewston Baptism March 7th 2010 Isla Butler
Fewston Baptism February 7th 2010 Grace Ann Manning
Fewston Funeral January 25th 2010 Allen Wood
Fewston Baptism January 21st 2010 Hope Isabella Garnham
Fewston Funeral October 20th 2009 Marjorie Richmond
Blubberhouses Marriage August 8th 2009 Stephanie Wilson & Phil Scruton
Fewston Baptism June 21st 2009 Joseph Andrew Dibb
Fewston Baptism May 24th 2009 Scarlett Amy Wade
Fewston Baptism April 19th 2009 Jack William Ross Marshall


There is a list of all the graves in Fewston Churchyard on the Gravestone Photographic Resource website. Follow this link to the Fewston page. 

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